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The evolution of diapers

It's quite ordinary to follow what your parents did when you were young. Being the youngest from a big family, I had a lot of learning opportunities in many aspects of life.

I remember how exciting it was , when my elder brother had his child. I learned a lot by watching how my mother assisted in caring for her first grandchild and was tasked to fold the baby's diapers. This was in he 90's where disposable diapers were widely and easily available but my mom insisted on using cloth diapers because to her nothing was as good and economical as a flat cloth nappy.

The good thing about cloth nappy was that the baby never once got diaper rash because you are forced to remove it quite frequently. But the amount of work that went into diapering the baby with these flat nappies, was tremendous-washing, sanitizing, drying and folding. By God, it used to take the whole evening to fold these flat nappies.

That got me researching into diapers and I was amazed at the evolution of diapers.

Did you know, diapers has been around for a long time? The diapers you see these days aren't the type of diapers parents used in the past. In ancient times, baby's were wrapped in leaves, animal skins and swaddling blankets. Then it evolved to cloth like linen, cotton and flannel which were cut into squares or rectangles, and held in place with large safety pins to the more modern ones we see these days.

This is how a flat cloth nappy is folded

The Challenge

I was given All-in-One Mio Solo cloth diapers for this challenge which focuses on:

All-in-One Mio Solo Cloth Diaper

Please follow this link to read my review for Day 1 Challenge: The Stay at Home Challenge

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Please follow this link to read my review for Day 3 (30/4/14) Challenge: The overnight challenge

Please follow this link to read my review for Day 5 (2/5/14) Challenge: The grand dad challenge

Please follow this link to read my review for Day 4 (1/5/14) Challenge: The washing and drying challenge

So stay tuned to find out how did my toddler and I fare in these 5 challenges. Each day, we will share loads of information and pictures and I will provide you the links for easy viewing. Hope you will find my review very informative in helping you decide whether cloth diapering is the way you want to go.

Link #1 for Day 1 Challenge: the stay at home challenge
Link #2 for Day 2 Challenge: the out and about challenge
Link #3 for Day 3 Challenge: the overnight challenge
Link #4 for Day 4 Challenge: the washing and drying challenge
Link #5 for Day 5 Challenge: the grand dad challenge

Disclosure: I was not paid for this challenge but did receive Mio Solo cloth diapers from Bloom and Grow Asia.

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