Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The Soundtrack to out lives

The CD amazingly didn't look like it was stashed away for a good half a decade ago. The filament of dust was easily cast aside with a simple blow of my breadth. I smiled because I just knew there were some memories waiting to be unlocked by playing anyone of the 15 tracks on it. It was one of those compilations CD, adorned with classic soundtrack theme music from some of the movies I grew up with. Some of these movies were even before I was an appreciating movie aficionado, or so I would like to think of myself rather unashamedly.

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Losing yourself in play

Unlike my adventurous drive to Kem Bola a couple of weeks ago, the drive to Temple of Fine Arts was much more pleasant; the advantages of a weekend drive. We even managed to find a parking spot right in front of the venue. Thanks to my skillful driver, we secured that spot because only he could have parked our SUV in such a tight spot, lodged between a big lorry and a minivan. A spot many dared not attempt.
It was full house and everyone was dressed to the nines for this play -"Kultar's Mime" a theatrical presentation using poetry, paintings and music, to tell a tale of four young children who survived the massacre of Sikhs in India (#1984SikhGenocide).

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