Recipes featured here were made and reviewed by my family; my young toddler, tweens and adults. Some recipes were taken from others flying around in the blogosphere but were tweaked to suit my needs. All opinions shared are mine and mine alone. Hope you would be inspired to make some of these as they have inspired me.
Most recipes were made with these common challenges in mind,
  • it should be quick and easy 
  • it should be made with readily available ingredients 
  • it should be good for the whole family; toddlers, tweens, teens and adults 
  • it's for busy moms, dads and anyone that enjoys preparing their own meal 
  • it usually doesn't require any fancy kitchen gadget, though they can be useful
Chicken Risotto

One easy soup used for three different meals, made in minutes, click here

Powerful & flavourful chickpeas (Vegetarian), click here

Homemade frozen parathas with pictorial steps, click here

Chocolate dipped Peanut Butter ice cream, click here
Satiny smooth Kaya click here

Silky smooth steamed eggs click here

Egg and Spinach click here

Carrot Cake click here

Spinach prawn pasta : click here

Vietnamese spinach porridge : click here

Yogurt power : click here
ABC soup : click here
Poor man's protein (tofu) : click here
Soya milk : click here
Cake in pressure cooker (cake pops) : click here
Toddler approved vegetable ( cauliflower) : click here
Fried Garoupa : Click here
Luxury Punjabi food (Paneer Makhni and Roti) : click here
Wraps : click here
Tomato and mushroom lasagne : click here
Spaghetti vongole : Click here
Chicken porridge, chicken soup and vegetables minestrone : click here
Vegetarian and chicken butter masala, Kachumba (salad) and Lamb tandoori : Click here

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