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Recipe : Vietnamese Porridge (my remedy for the sick)

This recipe was an accidental discovery when I was searching for a very smooth and runny porridge. Thanks to the haze situation my kids were suffering from a throat infection and they did not want to eat anything because it irritated their throat.

This porridge isn't very different from the basic Chinese porridge but the texture and aroma that you get from this is divine and makes even the "I have no appetite, mummy" kids want to dig in. the original recipe calls for a handful of ingredients (onion, chicken and rice) but since my kids have not been eating well I decided to fortify this very basic porridge by adding some spinach to it, which in my opinion made it look more appealing (if you don't mind greens).

The recipe

1 cup rice
2 chicken thighs (cut into half)
1 large onion, chopped
1 cup spinach
10 cups water
3 garlic cloves
1" ginger, chopped
For garnish
Spring onions
Sesame oil

In a large pot boil the onion and chicken for half hour (add optional ingredients). Reduce heat and take out chicken once its cooked. Remove as much meat as possible and return the bones together with some of the shredded meat and rice to the pot. Gently simmer for another half hour to an hour. At this point you will have to watch over the porridge and stir I occasionally, so that the rice does not stick to the bottom and get burned. Add more water if the water runs dry and rice hasn't broken.
Once you get to a runny porridge consistency, you should add the chopped spinach, mix well and cover. The steam will allow the spinach to cook.
To serve, simply put few drops of sesame oil and some spring onions.
Chicken is cooked when its flesh easily flakes off the bone

Chopped spinach ready to be added to my porridge

Porridge is ready when most of the rice is broken

If you are not a fan of spinach, omit the last step and enjoy your porridge with some light soya sauce and fried garlic.

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