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Live on National Television:

Live talk show Belle
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New Strait Times 21st May 2013

Harian Metro 24th April 2013

Harian Metro 24th April 2013

Berita Harian 23rd April 2013



Baby Talk June 2013 Issue

Columnist at Babytalk Magazine:

  • Family Matters - which covers many topics on family, parenting and life with toddler
  • Food for thoughts - shares simple recipes using small kitchen appliances


Babywearing Awareness Campaign

Babywearing Awareness Campaign

Event hosted by Today Publishing May 2013

Spring / Summer 2013 Catalogue Launch

Electronic Media:

  • ParenThots (this link is n longer active as ParenThots moved on to a newer website. However, all articles featured On ParenThots are available at A Cuppa for My Thoughts)
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