Sunday, 7 July 2013

Not my ordinary Friday morning.

Spring / Summer 2013 Catalogue Launch
With young fashionistas

"Mama, I've picked out my outfit for tomorrow's fashion show!" said K, gleefully showcasing her ensemble. She could not contain her excitement because she was about to be a young fashionista.

"Very nice!" I responded. "The outfit looks like Princess Jasmine's, but we need YOU, not Princess Jasmine for the event".

Excitedly she rummages through her closet again, looking for something that says 'her' and gets it right the second time around. However, her bedroom was in a mess with clothes strewn all over the place, thanks to her playing the fashion designer. 
I was about to lose it, then remembered that I just did the same thing in my bedroom. Apple does not fall far from its tree.

"Stay cool as a cucumber", I chanted and left the room. To calm myself, I decided to clean up the mess in my room, hoping she would do the same.

Next morning, my eldest had a wardrobe malfunction because she couldn't find her jacket. A repeat of the day before took place. A real patience tester, this was. 
Urging them to leave the mess, we dashed out and dived into the car.
With no proper make-up on (luckily for KL traffic lights, I managed to put on my lipstick) and a surly faced daughter, we made it nick of time.

Toy haven

The venue was spectacularly furnished with many toys. It really looked like a mini ToyRus. Before I could introduce them, they had already made themselves comfortable and were having a blast. They knew how to work each new toy like seasoned engineers, whilst I was struggling with the instructions.

As we moved closer to the fashion show, K became nervous. All the whats, hows and ifs started emerging.
Just do the thing that you do, I assured her and she was all smiles after that.
Next thing I knew, many were congratulating me on her splendid performance which I missed because I was busy getting the youngest fashionista ready for her walk, on the runway. 

Models looking cool in their Squids

"Na! Na! Na!" that's usually the response I get from my youngest sidekick, each time she's about to put on something new. When she puts her feet down, there is very little I can do to make her change her mind. 
Since I don't own a pair of Squids, I managed to get her intrigued with my sunglasses, hoping this would be good enough to get her to put on the mini squids.

Next, she modelled Cuddledry swim poncho. She was a real crowd pleaser, waving and moving to the beat of the music while flashing her infectious smile.

I was so glad that she didn't get startled from the strikingly, bright flashing lights from the camera. There were so many photographers, at the launch. Each with a huge camera and standing so close by. No wonder some celebrities hate being photographed. The flash lights can temporarily, blind you.

Not wanting to be left behind (or more like sticking out, like a sore thumb) I was given a couple of diaper bags to model while walking down the runway with the youngest fashionista. I modelled StorkSak and Skip*Hop diaper bags.

The youngest fashionista 

Carrying a Storksak

These bags don't look and feel like diaper bags. I kept on clutching the white Storksak even after the show was over. No one would have guessed I was carrying a diaper bag! That's how gorgeous it is. These bags are no way close to what I had been lugging around previously, which you can see in my; The Switcheroo.

But like everything else, it had to come to an end. So, I too had to 'end' clucthing the gorgeous white StorkSak and watch it being wrapped up and thrown into a big empty box! How lonely and sad it looked.

Each baby/mummy/daddy product showcased, was of high quality and standards. 

Soon I will be sharing an in-depth descriptions of these wonderful products.
So don't go anywhere and  wait for my review.

Enjoying light refreshments after their hard work

With Malaysian stand up comedian, Harith Iskandar, his lovely wife Jezamine
& cheeky son, Zander

Disclosure: I was not paid to join this catalogue launch. In fact, I volunteered to spice up a stay-at-home mom's day and spend time with some local celebrities.

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  1. cool!! Young fashionista looked so cute.. well done ladies.. can't wait to meet you all ;-)