Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Switcheroo

 Time to swap my Coach to a diaper bag.

Time for the switcheroo because carrying two bags and a baby isn't possible, no matter how much I want to cling onto my Coach. I wouldn't pay an arm and a leg for a handbag but this Coach was a pleasant surprise from my husband. Little did he and I know that carrying a Coach for almost a year would have changed the way I felt about bags.

This would be the second time I am doing the switchover. It was not a big deal the first time in 2005, in fact I didn't mind lugging the trusted diaper bag every where I went. Then, I was using a very sporty, rocky Mothercare diaper bag. 
My trusted diaper bag holidaying with us, Singapore Hyatt 2008
 I felt very me using it. It was everything I was, boyish, sturdy, compact and functional. It was the perfect overnight bag too. I could fit enough clothes plus baby essentials.
The large openings available in this bag made reaching in for things easy and fuss free. Everything would remain as neat as the way I started off when packing this bag. Black, was another plus point. I didn't have to wash it that often!

When my two girls weaned off  baby milk and diapers, I packed away this trusted bag into my store, forgetting it ever existed.


Time for another switcheroo but this time it was very hard for me. I had  fallen deeply in love with my Coach.
When put next to each other, these bags resembled the Disney cartoon Beauty and the Beast. I just couldn't bring myself lugging my bulky and big diaper bag anymore.

New Love.

Luckily for me, I found  a pink Tote diaper bag, this too is from Mothercare. Pink isn't really my colour but I needed some colour. Although, this bag is not as good as the big, bulky rucksack but for time being it will do.I call it my little Bermuda Triangle because items goes missing in this bag. It is generous in size but its poorly design pockets swallows up everything that I put in-keys, wallet, hand phone and much more.
Short getaway; Renaissance KL 2013

I was asked, if I were to choose only three items from my diaper bag which would it be?
At first I thought, that's a silly request. When you have a baby sky is the limit. If possible I would like to take my whole house with me when I am travelling, even if it is to a store close by!
After long pondering about it these are my;
THREE (!) items from my pregnant diaper:
- Baby wipes to keep germs at bay.
- A change or two of diapers because babies are unpredictable.
- A big bottle of water to keep baby and mummy cool.

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