Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Creative ways for my kids to learn

Sitting down and reading a book, sounds so blissful, right? Nah! Ask a child to do that and you'll see her running away.

Thanks to technology, books have become a thing of the past, being fully utilised mostly in schools and libraries. Call me old-fashioned but I still enjoy the sound of flipping pages and sometimes getting a paper cut. So, I devised a learning package for my kids. I realised they love acting so on some nights instead of watching television, the kids put on a little play for us.

Books come in handy at this point especially when they run out of play ideas. From here they also know the meaning of writing a script, directing and acting and are very familiar with the usage of words like scene, cut, it's a wrap, and other jargon.

Just because the world has gone digital doesn't mean it's doomsday for learning. In fact, it has become a little more interesting and interactive. So, to balance it all, my kids also get a huge amount of electronic time. I just have to be smart in selecting the right ones.

Some examples of fun stuff you can easily download for free are:
(You can find more at http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2012/aug/04/50-best-apps-chidren-smartphones-tablets)

Maily: This website claims to be the option for children's first email. This is a way for them to create digital drawings and messages, then send them to the inboxes of parents, and other family and friends. Good parental tools ensure it's a safe introduction to messaging.

Pixel'd by Disney: It involves taking some of Disney's most famous characters and creating your own pixel-art drawings and animations, which can then be shared online.

These are worth a read, spend some time checking them out. I was amazed at how much is available out there for our children.
Would you believe it, there are many kids radio channels too.
Google it (or Yahoo it as my brother would insist) you'd be surprised.

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