Friday, 2 August 2013

My beach companions

A much needed beach break!

I am very lucky to have found the ultimate beach companion -my husband and my kids. I am glad, that even the little one enjoys getting her feet and hands dirty in the beach sand.

Our beach trip always involved a lot of lounging by the beach and the pool, almost the whole day. After breakfast, we would find ourselves a couple of nice pool benches and park our bums on it. The kids are usually the first to jump into the pool, as early as 9 am (on holiday, 9 am is considered too early). Mummy and daddy would just smile and give some sort of guffaw at their tricks performed in the pool, while sitting on the bench with a long forgotten and dust covered book.

"How is this possible?" you may wonder, especially with a very young toddler who needs her routine nap so she doesn't get cranky.
I too didn't anticipate this because on our previous beach breaks, the kids were quite old. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was, spending my days with my baby at the beach and letting my elder two, who by the way, have inexhaustible energy. Forewarning, children would never throw in the towel and admit they are tired or had enough of the beach.

Necessary essential for a toddler when hitting the beach

I'm glad I did my homework and packed all the necessary stuff (packing is a big deal when you are travelling with a toddler).

A towel that stays.

The cuddledry swim poncho (designed for little ones from 1 to 3) is truly an ingenious towel. It's a cross between a bath robe and a towel but is better than both of the above, put together.
First of all, it's light and folds into a small neat fold, so not much space is taken in your suitcase. It's very absorbent and dries up quickly too. So far I have washed it twice in my washing machine and it's still fluffy and very soft to touch (must be because it uses a blend of pure cotton & bamboo).

Apart from it's fluffiness, this towel stays on even if the toddler is running, thanks to the handy underarm poppers. Gone are my days trying to keep my child wrapped up in a huge pool towel.

Each time she got tired and needed a break, I would strip her off her swim suit and simply put on the swim poncho. It covered her well and no one knew she was butt naked underneath! She was very comfortable and it felt like, she was wearing a long t-shirt- it was light and not too thick for the tropical weather. 
Full coverage, safe from UV rays

It was so good that she even managed to nap in it. It is a wonderful towel to keep the chills at bay and cuddle her while reading a book, on the pool bench.
It's truly something worth having even if you don't head to the beach or the pool often, because it could be used as a blanket or a soft pillow. We had to travel very early in the morning and she used this poncho as a blanket in the car. It's truly cuddly.

This towel originates from the UK but you can easily get it here, thanks to Bloom & Grow, bringing the best for your baby to Asia. They recently launched their Spring/Summer 2013 Catalogue which showcased some of their products.

A kip with the waves as background music
This has become one item I would not leave home without, each time I travel.

I received this swim poncho from Bloom andGrow for review purpose.
No monetary compensation was given and all opinions are my own.

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