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Coffee or juice?

When I was young, I was very envious of my cousins. They lived in town while I was in the suburbs and they had access to so many fun things. Things, a tween like me would want to have. It was a case of the  'grass is greener on the other side' syndrome.

My first visit to McDonald's was when I was 10 years old! I didn't know what to order, I had seen burgers on the TV but standing in the queue and looking up at the menu board, was overwhelming. I refused to let this ineptness strike me out as an awkward and inexperienced cousin (I am much older than my cousins), so I ordered whatever the person standing in front of me ordered!

"1 large set of McChicken meal please." I said proudly to my uncle when he asked what I would like to have. The burger had me at first bite (You had me at hello, from Jerry Maguire). There was no turning back after that.

The other thing I looked forward to, while at my cousin's was fresh juice in the morning. Their breakfast used to be like that from American sitcoms - The Cosby Show, Family Ties, Mr. Belvedere and Who's the Boss? (That's how much television can influence a child!). That was a bowl of cereal with cold milk and a big glass of fresh juice.

So much has changed now. I still live in the suburbs but my kids are aware of a lot of stuff (much more than I was). This can be good and bad, depending how you help them perceive the information they gather from electronic media and from friends at school.

Knowing the good and the bad, I try to minimize my family visits to McDonald's. Eating out only happens when things get a little crazy at home and I am unable to prepare lunch or dinner.
Sadly, these (crazy) days have outnumbered my sane ones and eating out is fast becoming an accepted habit.

Luckily for me, I stumbled upon a fantastic group that teaches how to cheat when preparing food. I tend to feel guilty whenever I don't see vegetables on my dining table so to make up for it, I make sure they get their daily dosage of fruits and vegetables in the form of juice in a jar!

They get their juice presented to them in baby food jars (just the right serving before their lunch). I have found the perfect window to feed them these (on the way back from school) and they would take almost anything, at this hour because they are hungry, exhausted and thirsty.

I have Basic Betty juicer, which is their most basic from the vertical juicer range.
This juicer suits my lifestyle because I usually juice in the morning or when my little one is asleep. Compared to my previous loud juicer, she never got up from her sleep when I am juicing.
It also easy to use and does not come with many tiny parts (easy to assemble, dissemble and wash).
There are only two tiny parts on this juicer, the silicone attachments but these need not be washed on daily basis if you are juicing every day (once a week would suffice).

With an additional RM99, you get to purchase their mincer too. I use it to make popsicle or freeze pop. There is a lot more you can do with this mincer. Check out their video and be mesmerized.
No sugar & colouring, but still yummy

Using frozen fruits to make popsicle with the mincer

Compared to my previous loud and high speed juicer, I get more juice from Betty. Even the pulp or the residue is much drier. So no need for me to repeatedly juice the fruit pulp or squeeze it over a sieve to salvage every last drop of juice.
No juice can be squeezed out of the pulp from Basic Betty

A jar of juice

It's not easy to get my kids to drink vegetable juice but when mixed with some fruit juice, they don't mind it. The key is to take it easy and don't go overboard with vegetables (in the introduction stage). No matter how cleverly you try to hide the vegetables, they would know it with just a sniff and your bluff is caught (I am still struggling with celery).

Be a responsible juicer

All fruits have natural sugar and too much of it, may have adverse effects on your body. So it's good to learn a little bit about juicing before venturing into it and remember, juicing is not for fruits solely, you must also strive to juice vegetables.

I have learnt that fruits are best eaten immediately, after being cut. However, this is easier said than done (in my case). I don't know how my mom does it but she always finds time to peel each fruit and feed her grandchildren, no matter how busy she may be. My kids enjoy eating fruits like this. Unfortunately, I am always on the go and don't have the patience to sit and feed them. So my solution, JUICE!

There are many websites that share wonderful recipes for juices. There are many benefits of juice too, like booster juice to increase energy, detox juice and so much more. You feel intimidated by these recipes at first, but fret not because you can also create your own recipe, with whatever you have in your fridge. It's all about playing with your fruits and vegetables (I know, mummy taught you not to play with you food).

Coffee or juice?

My coffee intake has dwindled from many cups to just two, in a day. I have managed to replace my mid morning and afternoon cups to a tall glass of refreshing and nutritious ice cold juice. I am yet to be coffee-free, but I don't aspire to be that because I believe everything is good if taken in moderation and keeping your body active with exercise.

You can purchase Kuvings Silent Juicer from Kuvings Sdn Bhd and it comes with an optional extended warranty too (20 years!).

Basic Betty comes with a hefty price tag of RM1,299, but it's worth investing in one if you are in search of a juicer that is able to deliver all the goodness you need in a juice.

Benefits, are many

I wish you luck in you juicing journey and hopefully it would make you feel as energetic as it has made me. Even the texture of my skin has improved.
As for the children, they have stopped complaining of tummy ache because these juices has helped make defecation, a smooth process.

Mummy gets to kick off her shoes and sit back with her legs up on the couch, instead of constantly running after them with a glass of water. Nowadays, my kids willingly open the fridge and drink the home made juice. The juice is not only healthy but tasty too.
beetroot juice

I was the lucky winner who managed to take home Basic Betty with me.
Watch their page, they are running another competition for their recently launched Wide Mouth juicers.
 I did not receive any compensation for doing this review. All opinions are my own. .

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