Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Eyes are the window to the soul

Did you know that you are suppose to visit an eye specialist (not your optician) once a year? Even if you have perfect vision.
I only knew this when a friend asked me to accompany him (to an ophthalmologist) to pick up his glasses.

The doctor was surprised that I had not once, visited a proper eye doctor - I had been visiting opticians to get my spectacles (ophthalmic lenses) and never really thought about an eye specialist, truth be told, I didn't even know that there were different categories of eye specialist.

He insisted I come in for an eye examination and I learnt that what an ophthalmologist does is so thorough and detailed compared to the opticians I had been visiting in the past.
I even got sunglasses to sun proof my eyes (which I should have done from young) because exposure to sun's ultraviolet light can raise the risk of cataract and other eye related problems later in life.

So if you are as convinced as I am and would go the extra mile to protect your precious mini-me's eyes, I would suggest you to invest in a pair of sunglasses which is able to block 100% UVA & UVB rays. The only way to be sure you are getting this deal is by investing in a trusted brand label like Squids.

Beware of sunglasses that only blocks the sunlight (with dark lenses) without the UVA & UVB protection, because they could damage your eyes even more as opposed to not wearing a pair of sunglasses -when using dark lenses, your pupils will dilate to let in more light. So choose carefully and get to know your sunglasses before using them.

Squids comes in two sizes; Mini-squids can fit a baby up to 2 years old while Squids are meant for older children (3-10). These are from Australia but you can  easily get them here from Bloom and Grow

These sunglasses are made with care and are easy to care for too. The lenses are made of shatterproof Polycarbonate so you can trust you little ones to handle them on their own.
They are light and flexible, so are great company to the beach or pool because it will float if your child accidentally drops it in the pool. They are also great for your active toddler and children who enjoy being out in the sun.

The mini-squids are well thought design because there are no sharp edges on the frame (rounded temple tips) which could accidentally hurt my toddler and comes with a removable head strap to secure it around her head.
I tried using it with the head strap but my little toddler prefers it without because she  likes to take off and put on the sunglasses. Even without the strap, mini-squids would stay on and not fall off despite all the running around she does in the park.

She loves her Squids so much that she pretty much uses it all the time we are out in the sun. The moment I strap her up in her car seat, she would reach out for her sunglasses which are placed next to her seat and put them on. They are so comfortable that she managed to take a nap while wearing it.

Squids which are meant for older children do not come with a head strap but have the same features as the mini-squids and are slightly larger.
During our recent trip to the beach, my girls pretty much had these sunglasses on for a long period of time. They did not feel any discomfort or found it to be annoying. In fact, it felt rather pleasant and "cool", that's how my eldest daughter described it to be.

I am glad my girls like Squids which are stylish, comfortable and beautifully designed for the little ones. These have become an accessory that we won't leave the house without.

Malaysians are a lucky lot because we get sun or the summer experience throughout the year and these sunglasses provide the right protection I need for their eyes.

I received Squids from Bloom and Grow for review purpose.
No monetary compensation was given and all opinions are mine and mine only.

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