Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Diaper Challenge #2: Out and about

I am always out of the house with my little side-kick because we do a lot of stuff together. Usually I tend to stick to disposable diapers because they are very convenient and I can dispose it when soiled, which is not the case for cloth diapers (they are too precious to be thrown away). But for this challenge, I decided to ditch my disposable diapers and replaced that with Mio Solo cloth nappy because unlike the stay at home challenge, there is no nappy bucket for my to dump my soiled cloth nappies. I knew with the right stuff in my bag travelling would be a breeze with Mio Solo

Mio Solo in my nappy bucket for wash while disposable diaper goes into ordinary bin for disposal

These are some of the essentials I added to my diaper bag for my out & about challenge.
Waterproof wet bag or Ziploc

Mio liners
The waterproof bag or Ziploc, to hold your soiled diapers safely so that it does not leak in you diaper bag. But before you do that, you must dispose the nappy liner and fold your cloth nappy into a tight bundle.
My nappy lined with Mio liners (it's not folded) 

Cloth nappy in a tight bundle and safely packed in Ziploc
I found that using the Mio liners helped a lot because it acted as barrier and protected the nappy from being stained with poo. Another good thing about Mio liners is that you can flush it along with everything on it into the toilet bowl. So no need to get you hands dirty trying to knock out the poo while struggling to keep your toddler from touching every part of the toilet.

All you need to do is, remove cloth nappy off baby, turn your nappy over so the liner falls into toilet bowl, roll the nappy into a tight bundle and store it in your wet bag.
This picture diagram shows you how to use and dispose mioliner

We visited many places with Mio Solo and I was most impressed when were in a park. She did  not seem uncomfortable and was quite contended with it.


Hope you enjoyed my Day 2 challenge review and don't forget to return for more challenges.

Please refer to the link provided to know more about other challenges I will be doing and some interesting information on The Evolution of Diapers

Have a grand day and wishing you and your family a good night.

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