Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Diaper Challenge #3: Overnight

I must confess, I wasn't too thrilled to partake in this challenge, because I wasn't willing to let damp, cold and leaky nappy get in my way of my beauty sleep. But, the results were rather satisfactory.
To achieve the best result, I included the mioboost into the nappy's tuck-in pocket. The mioboost easily fits into the tuck-in pocket on Mio Solo and then I had no trouble inserting it into the nappy. Think it took me less than 40 seconds to do this. Mioboost is a good nappy booster and is able to absorb several times its own weight despite being light.  Guess the tuck-in pocket has its added benefits which will be discussed on Day 5 challenge, so don't forget to return.

However be adding the mioboost, my nappy did feel a little bulky but it did not compromise the elasticated leg cuffs no matter how much she turned in bed.
This is her, just before going to bed, enjoying her story time, courtesy of her older sibling.

She did not get up middle of the night, but I wanted to be sure she was fine and not cold because I have not gone longer than 5 hours in a cloth nappy.

When she finally awoke at 5am for her routine breastfeeding, I removed her nappy and discovered that the inner lining was still dry but the sides were a little damp. There was no leak and her cute bottom wasn't very cold to touch! That is simply brilliant, I must add.
How much urine did it hold, I cant say but the nappy felt much heavier than it was when I put it on her at bedtime. It weighed about 125 gm. when clean and was 250 gm. when I removed it.

To sum up the overnight challenge:
 Uninterrupted sleep equals to
 a well rested baby and
 a happy mummy!

Hope you enjoyed my Day 3 challenge review and don't forget to return for more challenges.

Please refer to the link provided to know more about other challenges I will be doing and some interesting information on The Evolution of Diapers

Have a grand day and wishing you and your family a good night.

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