Monday, 28 April 2014

Diaper Challenge #1: Stay-at-home

These diapers are quite straight forward to put on, in fact it feel almost like putting on a disposable diaper. Once you get the right fitting for your child - by adjusting the poppers on the nappy to suit your baby's size - it is rather easy and quick to put on and remove. Mio Solo are meant to be used for newborn baby up to toddlerhood, thanks to its generous sizing without being bulky and heavy.

There are three set of poppers on the nappy which offers plenty of room for growth. Which means you can keep these cloth diapers over a long period of time because they are One-size. So there will be no need to get another pair of nappy when you baby grows bigger.

Here is my baby in her purple Mio Solo, which incidentally is my favourite colour. Although it is recommended to change nappies regularly, every 2-4 hours, I wanted to test its absorbency hence I left it on her for more than 4 hours.
To my surprise, the inner lining was quite dry even though the absorbent core was very wet.

The elasticated leg cuffs were very comfortable and did not leave any nasty marks on her thighs. Yet it is strong enough to hold in baby's pee and not cause any leakage. The contoured design was another plus point that gave a lot of room for her to move freely in her diaper without feeling the pinch on her thighs or tummy. I was not able to do the front cross over Velcro, because she is quite big and this is more suited for newborns or very thin babies.

Hope you enjoyed my Day 1 challenge review and don't forget to return for more challenges.

Please refer to the link provided to know more about other challenges I will be doing and some interesting information on The Evolution of Diapers

Have a grand day and wishing you and your family a good night.

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