Thursday, 30 January 2014

My jog interrupted

After 3 whole months of food and fun, resuming my forgotten fitness regime was very difficult.
What should have been in practise since the beginning of this year only started yesterday.
The first five minutes into my jog was the hardest but I managed to continue for another 25 minutes. A 30 minutes jog! Yippie! I was simply elated that I had managed to tackle it.

Although it was interrupted with many short intervals but...
It did not matter that after each short (extremely short) run around the park I had to stop and say hello to Persley.
Checking to see whether I say hello to Persley

It did not matter that I had to slow down and push my jogging companion who was having a giggling time with the swing and waited anxiously for me to make funny sound each time I was close enough to give her a push.

It did not matter that I had to stop and pick up her crayons which had fallen under the slide.

Who would have known, a playground can offer so much to joggers. I turned the see-saw into an obstacle and jumped over it during my run (was quite helpful and I could feel my heart pumping faster).

Watching me use the playground as an obstacle course, my toddler pursued too. The only difference, I think she managed to do more than I! "Aren't I suppose to be the one doing more to shed off the excess weight gained during the holidays?" I asked, to which she responded with a chuckle.

My cheeky monkey relishing the fact that she is getting more runs than I in the park

So nowadays, I make it a point to wear proper attire before walking out of the house because I don't want a repeat of my friendliest jog ever incident.

Although it may not be the usual approach to jogging but it's a much better option than sitting down and watching my kids. Plus I get some adrenaline pumping through me with hopes that it may count as some cardiovascular work done for the day.

Going to have my cuppa for the day with a slice of chocolate bread. I think I've earned it.

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  1. I applaud you for squeezing it in when you were out and about! When I was in California with the Mamavation gals, the trainer taught us how to use the playground equipment to get a workout in. It was awesome!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I did not know that you could actually get a good workout from the playground, I did this because I got bored running around the small area. After your comment however, I searched online and found a couple of suggestions on how to make the best out of my visit to the playground. If you have any link or tips, do appreciate it if you could share some. Thanks.

  2. Yay for fitting it in when you can, where you can!

  3. So awesome. I always seem to think it won't be worth it, but it always is, even if it's short or less challenging or not as much (whatever) as it might have been if I planned a workout.

    1. I really hope it counts because this is pretty much all I can manage.