Wednesday, 15 January 2014

How to beat my unnecessary snacking?

(updated from my previous post because I found my photographs which mysteriously appeared in my handphone back-up storage)

Motherhood does weird and wonderful things. I would have never thought of leading a group-buy for fruits but here I am doing it. Getting decent fruits at decent price was becoming tough and my kids were getting bored of apples, oranges, pineapples and bananas. Thanks to a group of mamas who have been doing this sort of group-buy, I managed to convince them to rope me in and show me the magic.

Each time I have a group-buy, a sweet natural and fresh scent envelopes my whole kitchen. I wished this scent would stay forever because it's very uplifting and invigorating.
"It smells like a fruit store!" my daughter said as she walked into the kitchen.

As I was busy sorting these many boxes of fruits, my youngest child grabbed herself a bag and began picking some fruits and putting them into the bag. While at it, she picked up a couple of avocados and bit into its hard skin. I think it must have been bitter because she went "Yuk!" and threw down the bag filled with avocados. Hopefully it didn't put her off avocado because I planned to repeat my no-cook, cold avocado cream soup.
 Image: Avocado Soup
It's amazing how much a humble fruit like avocado can do. I made avocado and tomato salad which was easy, quick and tasty. Had my morning toast with strawberry, avocado and balsamic vinegar topping (a friend's recipe) and although it looked good but I wasn't ready for the explosive taste in my mouth.

There were also some red dragon fruit and mangoes which I used to make my no-recipe pink juice. My kids call it Pink Panther. I used equal amounts of dragon fruit and mango to make this smoothie with a splash of lemon juice and some mint leaves which you could crush or just leave them whole. I like to leave them whole in my tall glass because of the refreshing taste it leaves in your mouth when you bite into it.

Strawberries are my favourite. I was never fond of them not until recently when I discovered they taste awesome in my overnight oats or served with chilled yogurt. Usually I have it with some plump and juicy cherries but since these were out of season, strawberries alone did the job.

With a fridge well stocked with fresh fruits, I decided to spice up my morning ice blended my mixing equal amounts of avocado, banana and strawberry. The result was not as sweet as my usual fruit blend (banana + milk) but palatable.

I tried juicing grapes but it was too thick and the flavor was not to my liking. It was left in my fridge (forgotten) for a couple days and when I found it, it tasted terrible. Let's just say it was like wine gone bad and never intended to make wine in the first place.

I am glad I had a chance to do this because these fruits are far better than what I usually snack on.
It's a horrible ritual I have picked up and no matter how full I would be after dinner, I must open my cupboards and refrigerator and peek inside, searching for some late night snacks.

I hope I can maintain this (buying fresh fruits, not late night snacking) for months to come.

What's your snack and how do you beat the craving for it?

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  1. sounds delicious, I wonder if we have the option to do this sort of thing in my area.

  2. Mmmmm....this made me want a strawberry and avocado smoothie! I wish we could get fruit delivered here. And your pink drink sounds delicious!

  3. What a great way to expand your fruity horizons! I have my go-to smoothie, but I've never tried avocado in it. I love avocado but I'm not sold on its benefits in a smoothie. :)

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