Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Chocolates, is the one word which somehow makes many happy, especially the younger one.
They don't really care who made these chocolates or what type of cacao beans were used for it. To them it just is a treat. A wonderful, soft and messy treat.
Chocolates comes in many forms, sizes, textures and flavours thanks to the ingenuity of chocolate makers who add an inexhaustible list of fruits, nuts and more.
During Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a box of chocolate from Hotel Chocolat (that is not a spelling error). It was their special edition for Christmas but is still available year round. And in that box was a beautiful drawstring bag filled with 35 individually wrapped Christmas shapes of solid milk, white and caramel milk chocolates.

The drawstring bag looked like the bag Santa would heave over his shoulder. Imagine playing Santa at Christmas and letting your guest take a lucky dip and see which one they get!
The chocolates were very tasty. They weren't overly sweet but sweet enough for the kids to enjoy.
It had three shapes, Bell, Angel and Penguin. My favourite was the Penguin.

To know more, check out Hotel Chocolat by British Cocoa Grower & Chocolatier
"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt" Charles M. Schulz

Disclaimer: I received this box chocolate for review purpose. All opinion are my own.

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