Sunday, 12 October 2014

Let's bare them to show support, seriously!?

It is quite easy to get support or a reaction by playing with a person's empathy. We easily feel for the less fortunate and those who are suffering. Many good campaign and charitable organizations flourished because of this. To help spread awareness and address the many causes that affect those around us.

Each with their own specific mission to make a difference in the lives of those in need of assistance - hunger, disaster relief, medical support all the way to empowering women and children. And we give as much as we can to these worthy causes so that the hardworking people from these organizations can carry on with their missions.

On 13th October this year, a whole day will be dedicated to support breast cancer awareness. With the rise in casualty and cases of women falling prey to breast cancer, awareness is good.

But I am not particularly thrilled with the theme for this campaign - No bra day in support of breast cancer awareness.

Why on earth would I, if I were a breast cancer patient, want to see people bearing their boobs and say that they are doing it for breast cancer. (Out of curiosity I googled nicknames for breast and I found hundreds of them! Like melons, Lucy and Ethel, jiggly and wiggly, the buoys and double trouble)

Don't get me wrong. I am all yay for the no bra day, it is liberating - for my breast - because having my ladies cupped in an underwired brassiere and sweating underneath my T-shirt in this hazy, hot and humid weather is no fun at all.

I'm usually off with the bra as soon as I walk into my house and can do it without removing my T-shirt. So don't be shocked if your hand accidentally finds a bra tucked under my cushion, on my bed, in my living room or even in my kitchen. That's how much I detest this constricting garment.
Bra to me is like a winter coat that you put on only when you're going out. Out of necessity, not so much for myself but for the people around me because one experience that showed me why I needed this uncomfortable additional piece of clothing for proper coverage.

So no bra day is a good day. But doing it to support for breast cancer awareness, doesn't make much sense to me. I don't think anyone with a mastectomy would want other healthy and well-endowed women to bare their breasts. I would most certainly be offended, sad even because it would remind me of what I had lost. Say if you lost your thumb and suddenly hundreds of people march on the streets showcasing their thumbs, wouldn't that perhaps make you a little sad, angry or even jealous? Just saying.

I feel no bra day in no way adds any value to breast cancer awareness. Unless on that day there are free mammogram clinics, breast examinations or more information on breast cancer awareness.

This is the only point I am trying to make here. My breast are such an important part of my identity and that doesn't make me shallow. It simply implies that I am comfortable with them being part of who I am and not because they are a sexual object but a big part of my motherhood journey is linked to it.
Each person has their own comfort zone when it comes to their own body and how comfortable they are when they have to say goodbye to certain parts of 'themselves'. Opinions shared in this article, in no way is trying to influence how you feel about celebrating 'No Bra Day in Support of Breast Cancer Awareness' 

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