Saturday, 30 November 2013

Is it a bag or a seat?

Holiday season in my house usually means many short trips visiting family members and a chance for cousins to reconnect.
Most of my siblings live close by but we hardly get a chance to meet up because of the hectic city lifestyle and not forgetting the crawling jams too.
So school holiday seasons are always eagerly anticipated with good fun and lots of sleep overs. It is the time when my kids metamorph.
During school holidays almost everything freezes and becomes laid back. Even the treacherous traffic jam does not bother us as much because there is no clock to beat.

We (my brothers and sister) would take turns chaperoning each other's children. It can get a little overwhelming (imagine 4 to 6 young children aged 5 - 14 years old, under one roof) but well worth it, watching these younglings mingling and building a stronger relationship. Even I benefit by getting some some quiet time with my husband and going for a long overdue, late night movie when the kids are away.

My kids are young and require booster seat to ride in a car. In the past they had to carry along their booster seat and a backpack each time they had a sleepover. But thanks to Trunki's Boostapak, my daughter can now pack her clothes and a little more into the Boostapak itself. No need for extra backpack and no more excuses of not strapping up in the car. She managed to fit clothes to last 2 days trip, toiletries and even a toy.
There is still plenty of room left to fit more stuff

It's also very useful for carpooling too. When traveling in a different vehicle for her tennis lesson, she would pack a small towel, water tumbler and a story book. On days when Boostapak is in my car (for long period of time), I would like to fill it up with some spare diapers, wet towels, hand towel and spare change for my children. This comes in handy when we have to drive to a park and the kids get covered in sand or mud while playing at the playground (it's rainy season, so expect a lot of wet slides and swings) because we've got them covered thanks to the emergency pack which I had so cleverly stashed in her Boostapak seat.

Boostapak stands out from the rest of the booster seats in the market because of it's two-in-one function (a booster seat and a backpack), high visibility reflective trim (so your child carrying it can be seen in the dark) and ID tag (to make sure the seat never gets lost).

This seat would be very useful when travelling abroad to Australia (and other countries) where children below the age of 12 years are required by law to travel in a proper booster seat. You would not have to worry about renting a car seat and face the hassle of returning it.

I have yet to fly with Boostapak so I cannot ascertain whether I can hand carry it into the aircraft cabin but it's stated that it is 'hand luggage approved for flying'. The seat dimension is 40 x 36 x18 cm which seems reasonable enough to fit into the cabin but with so many air travel rule, it's best I fly with it before vouching for it.

Boostapak is recommended for age 4-12 years (12-36 kg) but for my almost 9 year old tall girl,  it's already a tight fit. Which is good because I know she is snug and secured but whether she would be able to use it till she is 12, remains a mystery.

A snug and secured fit

Boostapak comes in two colours, green and pink. It is retailed at RM299.

I received this green BoostApak from Bloom andGrow for review purpose.
No monetary compensation was given and all opinions are my own.

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