Friday, 1 November 2013

Cancer, it leaves a financial and emotional dent.

National Cancer Society Malaysia is a registered, tax exempt charity body that provides education, care and support for people affected by cancer. This society is financed entirely by voluntary contributions from the public and provides holistic cancer treatment and support to patients and caregivers too. In return NCSM offers their services at highly subsidised rates or in some cases, free of charge to eligible persons.

After looking at the fees cancer patients have to pay, I am so thankful that my mother-in-law who is still battling cancer doesn't have to worry of the financial dent this treatment would have caused because my father-in-law is a retired civil servant and free medical benefits are some of the perks of being a civil servant in my country.

Some months back, we were elated that she had won the battle against breast cancer and I was convinced that Cancer-Its not an irrecoverable condition!

Today, my foundation (on this matter) is shaken a little bit because we just heard news that her cancer has spread. She did win the battle against breast cancer but the war on cancer, is far from over.
We are not losing hope because thanks to modern technology and medicine, she still has a chance fighting it.

I am sitting in her living room and putting my thoughts here. I am so glad that we decided to take time off our busy schedule and be with her. Things are so much clearer now since we met her in person after knowing about this new development. She is such an optimistic person and this news has not dampened her spirits to carry on living the life she has been living for the past 67 years. It's good to see her smiling and trying her very best to fatten up her grand kids with her fantastic cooking which my girls love.

Doing what makes her happy - cooking

However, this may not be the case for another cancer patient who is battling the same war. Especially those who don't have proper funding nor financial assistance.

I was approached by a good Samaritan who is trying to gather bloggers to help out in easing some financial burden for deserving cancer patients, even if it means easing their financial burden for just one day.

AXA AFFIN Life Insurance Berhad  is running a campaign to support cancer patients currently undergoing chemotherapy. They are collaborating with NCSM and will fund one day post treatment daycare usage for one cancer patient when a blogger links up to their website.

This is my contribution.

If you would like to help 'fund' it too, please link up and spread the news.

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