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Babywearing comforts

On October 17, 2013, Moira and myself met up with a reporter from The Star who wanted to run a story on babywearing (just a couple of days after International Babywearing Week- celebrated worldwide by babywearing enthusiast) . I seized this opportunity to spread babywearing and it's benefits.

The story was printed on 1st November 2013.
Here is a link (online version) to the interview which is featured in the local daily, The Star Babywearing comforts.

Photographed by The Star during the interview

Our almost 2 hours long interview was very informative and apart from babywearing, we also discussed some very interesting issues on how human body changes (bone structure) and can be conditioned by what we wear or how we treat it.

We have been bestowed with a very special and unique body because it has the ability to adapt itself to our surrounding. Having said that, it is very important that we let nature take its course and allow our precious newborn's growth, be as natural as possible.
From Moira's studies (chiropractic), the incidence of hip dysplasia in certain regions/countries where the natives practise carrying or wearing their baby in the same position as when baby was in the womb is close to zero (she cited Africa).
C shaped spine and legs apart
Picture taken from IHDI

Whereas Native American babies that are bundled up on a flat panel (Papoose) have higher number of Developmental Dysplasia of the hip (DDH) because in the Papoose, baby's legs are straightened into a nonphysiological position which may cause the baby to arch her back. (There are a lot more reasons to how one gets DDH, please read up on it)
Picture taken from IHDI 

Types of carriers and their suitability was also discussed and how a certain carrier may suit one wearer but not you. Just because a certain type didn't suit a particular person doesn't mean it should be written off as bad carrier. Pay attention to the details and if in doubt, always refer to a babywearing consultant, educator or advocator who has been equipped with proper knowledge. You are still the best judge in deciding the suitability of a carrier. Always trust your instincts, it is very powerful.

Although, it took a lot of trouble for me to show up for the interview (it's hard to juggle time during school days, especially during exam week!), I am glad I went for it. Apart from sharing, I too learned a fair bit from it.

Happy safe babywearing to those who are practising and happy trying to those who are thinking of babywearing.
I am just an email away, if you have any questions on babywearing.

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I will leave you with some additional information on babywearing:

A very good read on benefits of babywearing and how each type of carrier has it's pros and cons by

Pictures paint a thousand words (check out these pictures which will tell you how to wear your baby correctly and how not to be a victim to DDH, at a glance).
Pictures are not my own and were taken from International Hip Dysplasia Institute(IHDI)

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