Thursday, 20 June 2013

Jack of all trades, master of none.

I have a tendency to do things without thinking it over (thoroughly). I dive straight in and get so involved that I sometimes ignore my surrounding. 

Some of these 'trades':
  • Online trading - when I was pregnant with my first child, I became an ebay junkie. Working the graveyard shift to beat other potential bidders because I was hooked to the UK ebay. I was so convinced that my life as a new mother would only be perfect if I had certain baby items. It was such an arduous process-bidding, paying, arranging for delivery, returning faulty goods and so much more, that when child #2 came I didn't dare activate my account.
  • Second hand good's trading- after coming to terms that there was not going to a child #3, I began listing my baby and maternity goods. The process of listing was harder than when I was buying. Took me days to list these items and every little unused item in the house suddenly became interesting to sell. To my amazement, I did quite well. I guess I must have been a good salesperson (or perhaps it was the huge discounts offered). 
  • Baking-when I decided to stay at home in 2011, life was very boring especially when my kids were at school. To occupy myself I turned to baking cakes which helped and time passed me by quickly. I thoroughly enjoyed baking these cakes despite the work it involved.
    made this for my daughter's God parents' 10h anniversary

Most of these have now been put on hold because baby #3 requires a lot of attention. 

Old habits die hard.

Despite struggling with time management, I have once again taken up a new task.
This time I volunteered to spearhead a fruits group buy.
Seeing how others were getting lovely, plump and juicy fresh fruits, my envy got the best of me.
To my surprise I wasn't alone because there were many more from my neighbourhood who wanted it too.
Armed with enough information and a reliable fruit supplier, I made my first bulk order.
The fruits were amazing and juicy as promised.
Some of the boxes from the group buy

The sorting.

It was overwhelming to see so many boxes and cartons of fresh fruits. The sweet scent coming from these boxes, beckoned me to open and devour them right then but I had to put my little ones to bed before I could begin sorting. It was a blazing hot day and I didn't want that to ruin these fresh produce. Working at lightening speed, I managed to sort these fruits.
Little did I know that my lightening speed wasn't fast enough because it took me more than a couple of hours! Yet, as long as I managed to do it while my side kicks were napping, was good. 
Once they arose from their nap, it was fun watching their awe-stricken faces! The youngest one, who loves blueberries couldn't help herself from picking up as many punnet of blueberries as possible. She also managed to mix up the fruits from one box to the other.
The last box left box my house at 10.30pm and only then did I give out, a big and loud sigh of relief with a big smile on my face while munching on my flat peach from Turkey.
Was it tough? Yes, it was. 
Will I do it again? Yes, I will because it's worth it! To see my children enjoying these fruits and because it is a much better snack than my chocolates and crackers.

Enjoying her flat peach

Darn it! I missed my evening cuppa of coffee.

8th birthday party cake

for a surprise party

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  1. Ladies, it was lovely meeting you all!

  2. It sounds like a lot of work, but so worth it when you got to see your children's enjoyment. We love fruit at our house, too. :)

    1. It is and we don't mind doing it because fresh fruits if bought from the stores are too expensive and the reasonable ones are not fresh and juicy.