Wednesday, 5 June 2013

How do you improve your memory?

Before the arrival of our newest adorable member, I had loads of time to sit and play proper board games with my two elder daughters. The best so far is the game where we find matching pairs of cards. We used to jumble up about 40 cards and arrange them in rows of 10, with the pictures facing down. 

Each player would take a turn to flip over two cards and if both cards are a matching pair, it would be taken by that player. If not, the cards would be put back facing down for the next player to do the same.

My kids would make up a story as they went along flipping over the cards, to remember which animal was under each card. 

The player with the most matching pairs wins.

However, this game takes a bit of time to complete and with a new baby in the house it is tough to play it to the end. Now I use my surroundings to help sharpen this skill. 

Every day en route to school and back, I get my children to play a sequencing numbers game (I get to kill three birds with one stone). This game not only tests their memory, it also sharpens their listening skill and helps them master the times table.

I read out a list of numbers once, which they must listen to carefully and repeat in the same sequence. I usually use numbers from the times table. For example, five, 10, 15, 20, 25.

Some days, when they get bored of sequencing numbers, we switch to “tell me about your surroundings”. The objective of this game is to get them to be aware and alert.

While driving back from school, I get them to describe to me what their school guard looks like and to describe his clothes. Every day, I pick a different person or car for them to describe.

So far, this has been a good exercise for them and me. I find that I have become so much better at managing my own forgetfulness. I hope my exercise will benefit you, too.
Good game to improve logic & memory

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