Thursday, 30 May 2013

My sanctuary, the little pauses in life

My Sanctuary... My Family

Bliss...That's what I felt today evening while jogging at this park. The sound of water shooting high up in the sky and an occasional cheer of joy by the young eager souls for being victorious in catching a fish, manage to draw a big smile on my face despite doing what I least enjoy-jogging.
Today evening is, exceptional, out of the norm and different. For once, I am sitting all by myself enjoying this view while writing this. 

I just finished an hour of uninterrupted jog around this gorgeous lake, smiling at each passer by, infecting them with my glee.

Today, my dearest husband decided to skip his football and have a nice active evening out with all of us. So while he is busy getting the kids from their tennis lesson, I decided to stick around and enjoy some serenity before my boisterous, energetic and full of life kids return to pump up my world up with laughter and non-stop chatter.

Don't get me wrong, I love them dearly and would go to the world's end to protect and provide for them, but a little time away is always good, for all of us.

My daily dose of sanctuary (the little pauses I take to recharge) usually takes place in my trusted vault-my shower. Everyone, except for the youngest one of course, knows that when mummy's in the shower, she is a very busy queen (cue Game of Thrones theme music). Concocting her day with ideas how to keep everyone preoccupied, entertained and most importantly, free of any grievous harm.

Another crucial little pause (which is a MUST) is my coffee break. I would forgo my sleep for this very brief break and it is imperative, that I am all by myself. This is the time I try not to think about anything! It's just me and a warm cup of coffee in my Cheeky Monkey coffee mug (which I received from Jamie Oliver).

I would go through many lengths to ensure my evening coffee break is all mine. I strive to have it while my sidekicks are napping, and at most times I succeed because I have perfected the art of slithering out of my bed, moving stealthily without a single noise (except for the occasional squeaking of my bed).   

This break (an hour in the park) has been rejuvenating. In fact this feels so much like the day I was out with some stars (Babywearing Awareness Campaign).
I hope to find more days like today.

Time for my cold shower and nice simple dinner.

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