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Germans do it better


During my working years, I had a short stint with a construction division. There were many expatriates in this group from across the globe and one particular man stood out. He was a hard knuckle to crack because he had his own ways of doing things and would hardly agree to doing a project in any other way but his own. Any suggestions would be shot down with him saying, "we, Germans do it better," but his passion for the environment was admirable. The Germans really take environmental conditions to heart and try their best to have a green attitude.

When I received a baby carrier from Manduca Asia, I got into investigative mode to see if this German-made baby carrier would live up to what I have seen and experienced. No surprise, it proved to be just that.
The material used to make Manducas is 100% organic. Not only is it natural and environmentally-friendly, it is also very gentle on the skin since no pesticides were used to grow the fibres. I am using NewStyle Petrol, which is from their basic colours range. It is of 45% cotton and 55% hemp (this is the most breatheable, summer fabric for humid weather).

My main criteria when searching for a baby carrier is comfort but since I live in an unforgivingly hot and humid country, it must also be very breatheable.
Gone are the days when I allowed myself to be a fashion victim-painful high heels, skin biting boots and poorly acclimatized clothing).

Manduca is a Soft Structured Carrier which looks a lot like a backpack but used to carry your baby. There are many other types of carrier available in the market, all made with one aim in mind, to help parents to deal with their day to day chores while caring for their babies, simultaneously.
Mr. Moose snug as a bug
Manduca comes with an ingenious in-built infant seat  so you are able to carry an infant, a toddler and even a pre-schooler (up to 20kg) with just one carrier without having the need to purchase a separate infant insert. The seat is made of the same material as the carrier, which is very breatheable and can be rolled up and secured into the elastic band when not in use.
It snug and not bulky, allowing close body contact with baby

You can front carry, back carry your baby with an option of crossing the straps, and hip carry too with Manduca. I find that carrying my precious cargo in the front carry position with the cross-strap' gives a lot of support and my baby feels almost weightless thanks to even distribution of weight off my shoulders and onto my back and hips, where it rightfully should be. So no more aching shoulders or back ache.

Comfy back carry but she's unamused because unable to look over my shoulder
Manduca comes with a extendable body panel which allows you to zip and unzip the panel according to your needs. I am impressed with the well padded waist belt which covers almost your entire waist so no chances of having the buckle pin into your body. Even the body panel is is aptly designed because only the lower end of it is padded to ensure the seat will not dig into your baby's thighs while the upper end is much thinner making it very airy, almost like a wrap.
She enjoys her unobstructed view in hip carry

I have been wearing my baby since 2005 and my first carrier was a soft carrier, which I bought from another mother. Little did I know then, that there was a movement on babywearing. I didn't even know that carrying my baby in a carrier was called babywearing. It has become a fashion statement but with so many benefits. To know what's the fuzz all about visit, babywearing
Priced at RM700

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I received a Manduca NS Petrol for review purpose and all opinions are my own. If you are impressed and would like to acquire one for yourself, visit their official website. It's highly recommended that you purchase from authorized dealers to ensure you receive a genuine and safe baby carrier.

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