Wednesday, 7 October 2015

More than acquaintance

I have a rather peculiar friendship with a very beautiful person. She is gorgeous inside out. The kind of person who doesn't mind sharing her table and food with a beggar. She puts  the need of others before hers and believes in giving.

We became friends during my short stint playing an ambassador for a regional baby products distributor. She, a celebrity mom was friendly and genuinely interested in chatting up with me, a non-celebrity mom. We exchanged phone numbers and three years later, we are still friends. 

We don't meet like most friends do but we have stayed in touch. Always knowing what the other person is up to. I saw her when she became a first time mother, then pregnant with her second and later a mother of two. Today I met her for her third baby shower and her daughter's second birthday. How time flies.

As usual, she throws a brilliant party thanks to her besties and never fails at making sure her wide circle of friends and acquaintance are comfortable. She makes it look so easy and natural. Truly, she's a social butterfly. She is warm, beautiful, approachable, humble and generous. 

As my kids occupied themselves with the fun activities, I gobbled up some yummy food and sneakily watched the crowd. It is not always one gets to be in the presence of celebrities. I was surrounded by them and was eager to approach all of them for some selfies but had to play it cool. I am pretty sure some of them must have wondered who I was and may have been intrigued by my anonymity but I stayed anonymous. Although, I did have a chat or two with her non-celebrity sibling and parents. The non-celebrities regrouped themselves in a quite little corner close to the barista for a steady supply of good espresso.

With a warm cuppa in my hands I noticed everywhere I looked, I only saw mothers and fathers. All were busy with their parenting duties such as feeding a toddler, tying a kid's shoelace for the umpteen time and calming a hysterical child who's poodle balloon had burst and he didn't want to queue for another. It didn't matter who these parents were because when it came down to children, we were all the same. 

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