Friday, 25 September 2015

We more than just an all girls football team

If you have been following the Supergirls on their newly created Facebook, you would see how these girls have been progressing. You would see their dedication; showing up for training week after week and courage, playing against all boys team. To top that, they have been triumphing at many of these tournaments. Call it sheer luck or not, the taste of Sweet victory has caught on like a bug and they play with one goal in mind, to win.

These girls have been giving it their 100% and have bagged more than a couple of medals. Their most recent being at Merdeka Cup Junior Football tournament. Where they won third placing.
Players at Merdeka Tournament, secured third place
Back (from left): Thurga, Alya, Sabrina, Jade, Lakeisha
Front (from left): Yasmin, Ilyssa, Sandra, Rania, Adriana

Supergirls isn't just an all girls football team, they are more than that. They are like this one mixed family that seem to gel well. A family that really loves food. Give them any reason to have a get-together and you will be spoilt for choice.

Since Supergirls has been winning almost every match they played these last couple of months, we decided to have a celebration. To celebrate Supergirls' players, their coaches and every parent that has been contributing. After all, we are a team that is fully run on volunteer basis; by football enthusiast parents for their children.

It was beautiful watching how these parents and children got along, enjoying each others company. I can't speak for other football team but what I saw here truly amazed me. The togetherness and closeness was genuine.

Supergirls is a special team not because they are an all girls team but because they play for the love of the game and truly enjoy playing it. They don't mind it when someone says to them "you play like a girl". They are definitely not trying to change people's perception. They are just like any other team and enjoy the challenge they get on the field. They play with courage and gender is not an issue.
To date we have close to 20 players and will introduce these players over the next few postings. So keep your eyes peeled for our next issue on Supergirls.

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