Wednesday, 16 September 2015

A colouful society (through Play doh)

Today was a beautiful day and a lot to be thankful for. The skies were clear, the sun was out from hiding behind a heavy blanket of haze these past couple of days and it was a public holiday. 

After being in a lockdown in my own home thanks to the haze, going out for breakfast under the clear blue sky was something we had to do and we are very happy we did just that because it was no ordinary morning.

A hearty breakfast under a huge shady tree followed by an opportunity to deliver some nasi lemak packets to our neighbour's children (whose parents had to work despite it being a public holiday), was a good start to our morning. 

Then while shopping for some essentials at a neighbourhood mall, a total stranger offered my daughter his son's drink as they started eating at the same table we shared with. My daughter declined with a smile and he strikes out a conversation with me, as friendly as any I've met before. We were then suddenly offered another drink from the table next to ours, the lady saying she didn't want to waste her untouched drink. 

We were all of three different races. It shouldn't matter what race we were anyway because we were comfortable. We were comfortable sharing a common space despite not knowing each other. We were comfortable because we are Malaysian. 

How apt this happened on the morning of Malaysia Day? Was it karma teaching my children a good deed is always paid? Possible but I am glad they witnessed these kind and caring gestures which still exist in our beautiful and diverse society.

I could not have asked for a better introduction than this. 
It was the perfect experience to describe what Malaysia and its people are all about because it is us, the people, who shape and colour our own society.

Armed with a brand new pack of 10 coloured play doh tubs, we decided to showcase our master pieces.

Malaysian are colourful. It is showcased in our diverse traditional wear, food and even language. We are a special breed because despite being different, we are united. We gel well together which makes our food, one of the best fusion food; semua ada

We are able to speak in different languages and it would still make sense to all of us; 
"Wei macha, you want to makan here or tapau?"

My daughter used different coloured play doh stick men to depict Malaysian's diverse background and holding hands to signify how comfortable we are to share a common space with each other just like what she saw at the local mall.

The globe depicts how Malaysian are seen everywhere around the world and still thrive to be part of a community without losing much of their own identity.   
You can take a Malaysian out of Malaysia but you can never take Malaysia out of a Malaysian.

The rainbow and shining sun suggests Malaysians are warm and vibrant. It represents the different celebrations, languages, traditional costumes and food that are amicably celebrated together regardless of race. 

Every Malaysian gets in a festive mood during a holiday season like Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Divali and more. We join in the festivity and celebrate like its our own celebration. Just like a rainbow, we come together despite having different shades of colour and  display a beautiful sight.

Hope you enjoyed and understood what makes Malaysian a colourful society through our Play Doh sculptures and don't forget to get down to 1 Utama on the 26 September, for a chance to showcase your work of art for every Malaysian to admire and win some cool Play-Doh prizes!

In conjunction with Malaysia Day which is celebrated this month (September), Hasbro is launching its first ever Play-Doh Month Celebration. From September 21 to 27 at Ground Floor Highstreet, 1 Utama, you and your kiddos are invited to get your hands dirty in a fun and imaginative way using Play Doh. You get to squish and squash, create a new colour by blending the Play Doh and sculpt your own Malaysian inspired master piece showcasing what a colourful society is to you. Your sculptures made on September 26 would become part of The Malaysian Book of Records attempt. You could also win some awesome Play-Doh prizes!

Disclosure: I was not paid nor is this post sponsored by Hasbro. 
I did receive some small tubs of Play Doh.

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