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Healthy snacking for growing children

Growing kids are always hungry! They keep eating and eating to fill their bellies and return for more after a short interval. Their stomach is like a bottomless pit and they'd eat anything when they are hungry.

My kids are young so it is easy to influence their choice of snacking. When they started school, not long ago, I learned that timing was everything. My kids are out of the house before sunrise and return only after 1pm. They would be ravenous by time I pick them up from school, so it was the perfect time for a healthy snack which they gladly gobbled up.

Instead of relying heavily on store bought, processed and sugary snacks, I opt for fresh produce, dairy, nuts and dried fruits. I would always mix and match these and come up with a healthy, on the go snack which my children can eat on their drive back home.

Smoothies are fairly easy and quite filling if you add some flaxseeds or other blended nut in them. You can also add some cooled cooked oats.

A simple smoothie recipe;

1 cup fresh fruits
1/2 cup frozen fruits (can be replaced with some ice cubes)
1 1/2 to 2 cups of milk or other liquids

You add all ingredients into a blender and blitz away. The amount of liquid depends on how thick you want your smoothie to be. If you like it very thick and creamy, reduce the liquid and otherwise.
To add more value to your smoothie, add cooled cooked oats (1/2 cup), 2 tablespoons flaxseeds and 1 tablespoon chia seeds.
Banana and kiwi smoothie
Frozen mango, strawberries and fresh milk smoothie served with chia seeds
Chilled fresh coconut water with its flesh and some frozen blueberries
Pink lady smoothie or you can turn this into ice cream too

On days I am short on time, I'd just chop up fruits and serve it cold with some yogurt and nuts. One of the best discoveries I made was frozen bananas. My freezer is always stacked with chopped fruits and when I was in a pinch, I just grabbed my tupperware full of frozen treats. It was a hit and is my eldest daughter's favourite especially on a hot summer day.
Frozen bananas
Fresh fruits with nuts and raisins
Fruits and nuts with fresh homemade yogurt

On days when they have their football training, I like to offer a much heavier snack, one that is packed with protein. 
Peanut butter banana smoothie
'Air-fried' tofu
Steamed sweet potato served with Feta cheese

Strata McMuffin

Most of these can be made in just minutes with some planning and advance prepping. Hope you would find some of my healthy snacking ideas useful and unique to be packed in your next healthy snacking choice or visit my Recipe page for more.

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  1. My boy does love smoothies!

  2. These look really good and healthy. I like putting peanut butter in smoothies too.