Thursday, 27 August 2015

A taste of victory at a football tournament

It's contagious.

On August 23, a day forever etched in my memory bank, SJCSC Super Girls (an all girls football team) won their first ever trophy at Sunarize International Junior Cup tournament 2015.
Their victory was a pleasant surprise considering the level of opposition,  from professional football academy and also because not many believed in an all girls team decked in pink and black jerseys, could play decent football.

They were the only local girls team and were pitted to compete against professional academy players which were mostly made up of boys and players from around the globe. Although these girls did well but it proved that they must work harder in training as a team.

Although Super Girls have been around for a couple of years, they are fairly unknown. So it is no surprise at every tournament, some snide remarks are audible seconds before kick off because in this country, football is a boys game. This tournament was no different though there was one particular incident worth noting. 

When the girls made it to the finals, the opposing team tried to throw them of their game with some mental abuse: calling them weak and saying stuff like "girls are cry babies." Amazingly these girls stood their ground and did not allow these taunts to invade their zen state of mind. That was the best moment for me. Watching them staying cool as cucumber while the boys were up to their mischief.

Their first match against Asia Pacific, was a good warm up for the girls. After scoring the first goal for the game, thanks to a penalty kick by Rania, Super Girls' captain, it was very hard for Asia Pacific to penetrate Super Girl's defense. With 60% ball possession, Super Girls had three missed attempt at scoring another goal. The match ended with Super Girls one goal and Asia Pacific nil. 

Next match against Taylor's was much tougher. This team was more organised and had a strong defense line. The boys were physically stronger and knocked many of the girls down with pure brute force. The result draw, one all.

The third match was once more against Asia Pacific and Super Girls won 2-1.

The final match was against Taylor's and the opposing team scored their first goal from a penalty kick. However just before the first half was over, supporters of Super Girls noticed the opposing team had an extra player on the pitch. So due to the error of judgement from the opposing team's coach, Super Girls were awarded victory with a walkover point. Needless to say, it wasn't the end we were hoping for but these girls were elated no matter.

Results in a flash
  1. Super Girls vs. MIFA (3-0)
  2. Super Girls vs. Asia Pacific (1-0)
  3. Super Girls vs. Taylor's (1-1)
  4. Super Girls vs. Asia Pacific (2-1)
  5. Super Girls vs. Taylor's (3-0)

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  1. That is exciting! Victory is always sweet! ♥