Sunday, 22 February 2015

My Green Highway

Every year during festive season, thousands of Malaysians get into their trusted car and flood the highways of Malaysia. They travel many kilometers and brave the notorious traffic jam which literally turns highways into your neighbourhood roads. The only similarity between your neighbourhood road and highway would be the speed of your drive, almost at snail pace. Why do we do it then? Why join the mad rush of balik kampung?

We do it too and I can give you many reasons as to why we do it but that's not the point of this post. It is also not a place for me to vent my frustration over all the wrong doings committed by weary drivers. (I am no exception)

My family and I have travelled these roads more times than I can recall and it never ceased to amaze me with its beauty. I have not travelled much outside my own country but to the few places that I have been, its beauty cannot compete with what I see here on my green highway. Perhaps that's me just being bias. After all, this is my country. 

Let's start with North-South Highway which is the longest highway in Malaysia. It pretty much connects most of the the states (West Coast of Peninsular), from Johor to Perlis and the famous Penang and Langkawi Island too.

The drive along the highway from KL to Ipoh is pretty much boring (to me) because it is mostly commercial land with palm oil plantations. That's rows after rows of me staring out of my window and looking at neatly aligned matured palm trees. 

As you get closer to Ipoh (the land of hills and many caves), things start to get exciting and you switch from straight line cruising to driving along a windy highway. Highway that was built along the grid lines of nature instead of a concrete tunnel that cut through the magnificence hills and concealing your sight from beholding its beauty.

Aim to be near Ipoh either at sunrise or sunset and be awed at the beauty this highway has to offer. 

I am a true beach bum and enjoy watching the sun paint the sky with different shades of orange and red. Also how these colours reflect on the water as it sets. Making it look like a magical display of colours on moving canvas. I get the same thrill (minus the wet sand between my toes) watching the sunset on this highway. The same display of colours in the sky but instead of a reflection off the water, the sun rays peeking through thick clouds  and mountain top, makes it look like a laser show at some big concert. 

A breathtaking sight that no photography skill of mine is ever able to capture its beauty to share. This is one of those nature's bounties that you have to be there, be one with the moment to experience and take it all in. 

The drive from Ipoh to Taiping is covered with lush green flora and fauna (though I did not see any fauna but I know they are there, hiding). Taiping is the wettest part of Malaysia so it is nice to wind down car windows and let in some fresh air.

After Taiping, the drive up north will showcase padi fields. Get used to seeing vast green land with neatly arranged low shrubs and sometimes a flock of storks performing their perfectly synchronised bird flight in the clear blue skies. 

Hope you've enjoyed my short glimpse of my green highway. I've shared only a fraction of the beauty seen on my green highway. Head over to Karak Highway or even up to the chilly mountains of Frazier Hills, Genting Highlands or Cameron Highlands for a completely different experience. Be mesmerised by what our bountiful nature has to offer and bask in its beauty. Let's not let these treacherous traffic jams turn us into monstrous being. Stay calm and drive safe.

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  1. Such a beautiful country! I can see why you are in love with it!

    1. Truly blessed to be living in such tropical country. Things could be better if only more people were environment friendly and didn't take Her for granted.

    2. Truly blessed to be living in such tropical country. Things could be better if only more people were environment friendly and didn't take Her for granted.

  2. Lovely pictures. I love the beach too!

  3. I love your pictures... it looks like a gorgeous piece of the world.

    Thanks for sharing.