Friday, 13 February 2015

Face you fears

Big words for young hearts...

Day 2, Samelan 2014

Today the Mighties (aged between 9-10) had an interesting session which focused on fear.

What is fear and how to overcome it(?) was discussed in a very hands on manner. 

The session must have been cleverly carried out by the facilitators because it had my tween running away from her siesta session and towards the dormitories, in a frenzy, searching for me. 

She explained enthusiastically how the fear of heights, fear of not fitting in, fear of insects and fear of darkness is no longer a factor to her. But then a tear escaped her glistening eyes because her biggest fear was neither crushed nor conquered, when white pieces of paper that had her's and other tween's worst fears written on it, were shredded, crushed and thrown away. 

She shared with me her fears and that's something I would have to deal with in due course but a seed has been sewn and hopefully she would be able to tackle her fears, no matter what they are. 

Kudos to the facilitators for being able to carry out this activity that has left a lasting imprint.

As for the shower, it is getting colder here, brrrrr.....

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