Friday, 12 September 2014

Urban Mom 2014 Road Show - Johnson's Baby

Johnson's Baby and DoktorBudak had a workshop for moms at the Urban Moms 2014 Road Show, titled "Are You Caring for his skin the Right Way?"
This workshop featured two paediatricians, Dr Aileen Wee and Dr Yap Hsiao Ling, who shared the importance of skin care for babies and age appropriate skincare, to a hands-on experience; baby massage demonstration.
Dr Wee stressed the importance of making an informed decision when selecting skincare for babies, as their skin is very delicate, especially during the first year of life. Babies skin is still developing thus it is important parents use products which are specially formulated to care for infants.
Some of the information parents need to be aware before selecting a skincare range for their young is;
  • understand that baby skin is thinner than adult skin and will lose water/moist more quickly*
  • baby's skin is more vulnerable to dryness, irritation and infection which may lead to eczema (15-30% children are affected by eczema)*
  • water alone is not sufficient to clean your baby*
  • a good night's rest will make a huge difference for baby (and mummy too!) so getting a product that encourages sleep will be helpful*
Once you have selected skincare for your baby, follow these tips:
  • after bath, be sure to seal in moisture with a lotion or massage oil*
  • to always be alert for any signs of skin irritants, especially at the folds of the skin such as the neck, inner part of the elbow and behind the knees where dirt, sweat or excessive moisture can become trapped*
  • always wash new clothes and bedding before use, apply repellents or use mosquito screens to prevent insect bites and keep baby out of sun or use sunscreen when out*
Johnson's Baby range was recommended because these products are clinically tested to be safe, mild and effective*.
At the end of the workshop, parents were treated with a hands-on baby massage using Johnson's Baby bedtime range. This range is designed to engage the senses and create a pleasing experience. Natural Calm, an ingredient in their bedtime range, has the essence to soothe baby and promote a more restful sleep.
Dr Yap who led the baby massage session explained, "the sense of touch is essential for human beings, and massage has long been known to have positive benefits. Among babies, research indicates that massage can help reduce colic, encourage better growth and improve sleep."
Urban Mom 201 Road Show, Midvalley


Dr Yap showing the right way to massage an infant and
 explaining the importance of bonding.
*information given at the workshop

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  1. Definitely a beneficial show it promotes the concept of using baby products among new mothers; Johnson & Johnson organize this show especially to promote baby skin care products and it titled as "Are You Caring for his skin the Right Way?" under this programs new mothers are able to know how to take care of their baby's skin while using different types of baby skin care products.