Monday, 16 September 2013

Motherhood unleashes the Wonder Woman in you.

Have you ever experienced a sudden power surge in your exhausted and about-to-crash body when you see your child is in harms way? Suddenly, you are able to do the lunges, somersaults and even run at lightening speed.
I have, and on many occasions too.

Just when I thought the need to bend down and pick up another toy off the floor would permanently disable my already aching back, I catch myself diving down and sliding  across my hallway to catch my toddler who decided to dive down from my sofa.
Despite being exhausted to the bones, the catch was so perfect that it was worthy of being a golden catch like that in a baseball game.

It's just amazing what motherhood brings out in you.

  • I remember a time in my past when silence was uncomfortable and unbearable but today, I crave for it (because I've got three who like to jibber jabber a lot!)
  • Eating out alone was unacceptable but today I want to be alone when I am having my cup of coffee.

  • Going out every night and returning at the crack of dawn was a fun but today I hit the sack before midnight and am up before the sun is out.
  • Watching TV was a daily routine but today, days go by without even glancing at the TV.
  • A shower meant a lengthy affair in the bathroom. That is time spent looking in the mirror applying my 3 step facial cleansing pack but today I hardly have time to brush my hair and scrunchie has became my favourite hair accessory. (What were you thinking when I said "lengthy affair'?)

This is not how my daily cuppa looks like. I wouldn't have mind it, if it was.

Other than unleashing the super powers in you, it changes you in ways you would have least expected. These changes happen willingly and slowly takes over your pre-child lifestyle. I welcome these changes and some changes have helped me become a better person. It has thought me to love unconditionally and to share more.

During our short family weekend getaway, my husband's cousin (still a bachelor) asked me if I missed my bachelorette life and my immediate response was a resounding no. 

I am happy with everything that I have and don't have.
I am glad with all the things that I had to miss because I am so tied down trying to manage my life with 3 children.

The jibber-jabbers

Would I swap it? NO
How about you?

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  1. Yes. Long showers where I come out with legs somewhat shaved and silence are treats. My daughter loves to get on me about not liking music because I am constantly turning it down in the car. Who thought I'd ever want to ride around in silence?

    1. I don't mind music in the car but it has changed from loud to very melodic and soothing, which by the way is a big NO when my girls are in the car. It's a constant switch from one Loud channel to the next.

  2. Ah, yes....silence, uninterrupted showers, hot coffee. I crave those things, too, but I wouldn't trade a lifetime of them for my kids! Lukewarm coffee will do as long as I've got them. :)

    1. Hahaha. I hear you! My coffee too has changed from being hot to lukewarm so I could sip every last drop of it. Hot coffee takes too long to consume.

  3. I wouldn't swap it, but I do miss my pre-kid life.

    1. Same here. I welcome the opportunity to have a night like my pre-kids but even then half my mind would be stuck back home, wondering what my kids are up to.
      Thank you for stopping by.

  4. Eating out with Naomi now is almost like a nightmare! She is in the phase of walking around and don't want to sit still. I miss the feeling of happy, satisfied, relaxing and enjoyable eat-outs but no matter how annoying she is.. still, I want her to be near me, all the time (including when we go out to have supposedly nice food outside)!

    1. I want to say it would get better but from what I see on instagram, it looks like you guys sare doing just great!