Monday, 8 April 2013

Changing Lives is How I Roll


I am a very skeptical person. I don't trust easily and I'm always looking for hidden agendas in anything presented to me. I believe people out there in this world always have something up their sleeves and are ever ready for a scam.

I always thought beggars on the street were too lazy to get a job or they are begging because it's an easy way to get money.
Each time I spot a beggar, I would naturally transform into Sherlock Homes and search for any tell-tale signs indicating to me that the beggar isn't genuine. I was so bad that once while in Bangsar (which used to be my "play ground") I had asked a seemingly healthy and capable young boy assisting a blind beggar, "Why?" as in why was he helping the beggar.


On the other hand my husband (who was my boyfriend at that time) found it very easy, reaching into his pocket and sparing that poor man some cash. He didn't care what 'kind' of beggar he was. All that mattered to him was that his conscious was clear and he was able to enjoy the rest of the day without any sliver of guilt.

Take a chance on me (remember ABBA..?)

It's all about taking a chance.
I've wondered what would have been of me if  Tan Sri Yahaya Ahmad (also famously known as the Car Czar), founder, chairman and chief executive officer of DRB-HICOM Groups didn't take a chance on the 10 of us.
Car Czar

How if he too was as skeptical of me as I was with beggars. How, if he too would have thought that these 10 poor students were too lazy to compete for a government scholarship. How, if he too thought that we were not worth his money and time. How, if he too didn't see any potential in us and didn't want to invest in our future.

But, I am glad he wasn't like that. I am so glad that he decided to part with with his wealth and invest in the 10 of us so we can get a chance to have a secured future (it was and I think, still widely believed, that education is your only way out of your current economic state).

He changed the lives of a girl who grew up chasing chickens, a girl who travelled on a boat to get to the nearest town, a girl whose single mum had to work night shifts and the lives of many more.

I am forever grateful to this man, honestly.

Give ('dhay-dhay', my little one keeps chanting like a mantra)

Now it's my turn to 'dhay-dhay'. I have told myself to chill and relax. No more becoming Sherlock Homes, just give whatever I can. You'd never know how a small gesture, a smile, can help brighten up some body's day. How your spare change could help feed a hungry man. How your old books and toys could help brighten a child's entire year. All it takes is a few minutes of perfection from you, check out the video :

If it is within your means, Just Do It! (Nike style)

I found a charitable cause with a very nice tag line... Changing Lives is How i Roll. 
It's one man's journey finding his kismet. He is still uncertain why God put him here but feels very strongly about making money and giving it back to the needy. A little like Robin Hood, taking from the rich and giving it back to the poor, but leaves a little t-shirt with the HOPE sign on it, hoping that they would allow him to steal again.

I was drawn to it because his Campaign of the Month is Every Kid Deserves an Education, the exact thing Tan Sri Yahaya Ahmad did.
Picture from iMKIRAN

It's worth a look, or at least I'm pretty sure it was worth my look as I struggle to impose my new principles about giving wholeheartedly.
Help spreading iMKIRAN's cause with The Flying Singh

Pass me the sugar for my coffee, will you, love?

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