Sunday, 14 December 2014

The King of kings is here

Day 1, Samelan 2014

"Ready, steady go!" That's how we started our journey at 8 am today, after filling our bellies with as much meaty food as possible at a local Chinese stall. Then it was an hour scenic drive up to the mountainy parts of Malaysia.

Registration booths were clearly marked with ample volunteers helping out with the registration work. Then it was off to hot cha and parathas with sholey in the langgar hall at 11am, followed by another dose of great Punjabi food for lunch. Not long after that it was hot cha, again, with fried noodles and curry puffs.

The opening ceremony was simple, beautiful and very apt, fitting for a king but not overly done.
By nightfall we had our first encounter with cold shower which surprisingly was rather refreshing. Even the toddler, after her initial refusal, enjoyed her quick shower. Day 1 has proven to be a success and I have been reduced from a mother of three to mother of a toddler because my girls have already found their circle of friends, which is a blessing.

The next cold shower test would be tomorrow morning at 6am. Stay tuned.

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