Sunday, 14 December 2014

Samelan 2014, Bentong

"Brrrr, it's too cold." "Click!" the water heater is switched on and wonderful warm water replaces the previously cold water.
Suddenly, bathing with warm water, at a click of a button, began to seem like a luxury. The ability to walk in and out of the shower at anytime, too seemed precious. Have I taken all these simple pleasures of life for granted? 
A sudden loud knock and excited chattering snapped me out of my day dream state and I remembered my little bet with my girls about not using the water heater for a week. I dreaded leaving the comfort of my bathroom and face them, because nothing good could come out of this. So I had to come up with a good argument for what I did. 

"I will deal with the cold water situation once I am at Samelan. No need for any training now." I said bashfully to my girls, who had been showering without the water heater for almost a week! I must admit, I was more than just a little shy. I was embarrassed they caught me showering with warm water and my arguments had no back bone in it.
My children cared not one bit for my explanation. In their eyes, I failed and sucked all the fun out of the build up to Samelan.
Ready, steady, Go!

The girls could not stop talking about Samelan from the second they were registered as participants. They even sat patiently and watched their names being logged in for the annual big event. Once it was a success, they began making plans and packed their own bags with no assistance from me.
So let's wait and watch, what's in store for us at Samelan 2014, Bentong Pahang.
Stay tuned for daily updates from the Samelan grounds, if I manage to obtain WiFi.

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