Wednesday, 12 February 2014

It's my birthday, I want to party


My angel has just turned 2!
For the record we did not celebrate her 1st year birthday so this year's birthday would mark as her first celebration.

What an eventful day!

It started off with glorious breakfast, paratha and dahi (curd) which is every Singh and Kaur's favourite breakfast in and out of Punjab.

After breakfast we listened to lovely kirtan (hymns) sang by her friends. They managed to capture the attention of the sangat with their melodious voices and brilliant play of instruments - violin, guitar and tabla.

Then we had more food for lunch; raajma saag, roti, allu gobi, chawal, sholey and kheer.

Later in the evening, it was back to the gurdwara for more celebration. This time there was a big and bright bonfire which illuminated the whole street. It was a beautiful sight - watching the flickering flame and occasional tiny sparks which separated itself from the bonfire, floating upwards making it look like some fireworks display beneath the cool and slightly wet night sky.

Then came a truck loaded with colourful candies that got all the kids excited and hurriedly lined up to get their party pack. It was very hard saying no to her when all the other kids around her, especially her older sibling were ecstatically enjoying their lollipops.

Her elder siblings decided it was time to sing her birthday song even though there were no candles to blow or a cake to cut.
They were simply happy how the day had fanned out.

My eldest commented that her younger sister was a very lucky girl to have such and eventful and extended birthday celebration.
My husband and I agreed with her and decided not to let her know the actual purpose for the day's event. Letting her fall asleep feeling special was far more better than explaining that all the fun and food was to commemorate our tenth master's birthday and Lohri.


It's not a birthday without a cake. So granddad decided to buy a cake to pass the mark and made a scrumptious meal for the whole family. Everyone was impressed that the birthday girl managed to blow off the candles without any help.

And because it was a princess's special day, of course she was allowed to have and eat her cake before her dinner.

After a hearty meal she was very contented resting on her dadima's lap and feel asleep.
Happy birthday my little angel.

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  1. She is just too cute! It looks like you celebrated with a lot of fun stuff!

    1. Thank you. The best part, I hardly did anything to make it such an eventful day!

  2. What a fun celebration! She's adorable.