Thursday, 13 November 2014

Little stars - Dugrostar Roadshow kick off

It must have been a tough call for the judges to narrow down their search for the Dugrostar semi finals. As detailed in my earlier post Show me your moves!, I gathered there were hundreds of hopeful applicant and some videos did blow my mind. I was amazed at how these little starts had so much talent in them and luckily for them, Dugrostar provided a platform for them to showcase it.
Now we are in the semi final rounds and Dugrostar is holding live performances across the nation and even up to Sabah and Sarawak! I applaud their effort in believing there is a star in every child and making sure children from all over Malaysia, are given an opportunity.
Although I did not make it for the semi finals in Sunway Pyramid because of family commitment I managed to gather information to share with you and reveal (drumroll please) the winners for Klang Valley region.
The winners for category; 3-6 years old:
Third place: Cindy Lim, 5 years old (on piano)
Second place: Vincy Kong Yun Sim, 5 years old (singing)
First place : Ashley Yong Hui Jung, 4 years old (dancing)
Winners with their winnings and judges
and representatives of the Dugrostar Roadshow

It was a fun filled day for all! Even if your children were not part of the semi finals, there was so much for them at the Dugrostar Roadshow. They had special booths that looked like recording studios. Your child can go in record a song or dance or do both and later watch for themselves, their performance . Isn't that simply great!? Your mini-me now has his own performance recorded for keep.
If your child likes strumming your pots and pans at home, there was a special booth, Dugrostar Beat that allowed children to beat on the drums to their hearts content. If this isn't enough to excite you, there were many other booths like Dugrostar Jump (a ball pit for younger stars to have a ball), Dugrostar Step (to move your feet to the beat), Dugrostar Style (face painting station with professional face painters!) and finally a family booth the Dugrostar Celebrity (booth to take family pictures while playing dress up with the costumes provided)
Phew! That sounds like an awful lot of fun and there is still plenty more to go. The Dugrostar Roadshow has not come to an end yet, so keep checking out my post on Show me your moves! and I will keep you posted with the next roadshow, that might just be in your neighbourhood.

The winners for category; 6-10 years old:
Third place: Erika Foo Hann-Yi, 8 years old (singing and playing keyboard)
Second place: Alexandrai Ng Shu Lynn, 6 years old (dancing)
First place: Darius Leong Por Loon, 9 years old (dancing)

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